Bringing Heart to the Heartland


Hampton Township, NJ


Kailey Denzer-Weiler and Katie Rotondi are excited to announce they are running for the Hampton Township Committee in November 2018.  
Kailey and Katie are again asking for your vote for Hampton Township Committee. These women were raised and reside in Hampton and care deeply for the present and future of the residents and land of this township. Kailey and Katie decided to run for Committee due to a strong dedication to civic duty, community engagement, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of Hampton Township. Last year, Kailey and Katie spoke to thousands of residents and are running on what the community said the town wants and needs. They already achieved promises they made last year to residents and are currently working to accomplish even more for Hampton Township and its citizens.

Kailey and Katie have a strong vision for Hampton Township and are equipped with the skills and experience to serve the people of Hampton. Katie and Kailey have experience in grant writing and working with municipalities, both in Hampton and across the state. Katie is an active member of the Hampton Township Recreation Committee and has helped bring back the Summer Recreation program and start Free Adult Art Classes. Kailey has worked directly with youth, families, and community partners across the county and you can find her at most meetings that impact our town. With that experience, Kailey and Katie will be able to help save money with state and federal grants, work collaboratively with other towns, and use their background in community enrichment to continue to work on a mural for the town and other beautification projects.

Kailey and Katie love their hometown and want to make what is a good place a great place for folks of all ages. They vow to actively engage with people in the town and to bring young energy, enthusiasm and a fresh point of view to the Committee.



➤ Address
Kailey and Katie for Committee
PO Box 2295
Branchville, NJ 07826