Bringing Heart to the Heartland
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Our Platform


Hampton Township has the lowest taxes in the county and Kailey and Katie intend to keep it that way! Unfortunately those low taxes have come at the cost of losing independent and family-owned businesses due in large part to competition with bigger businesses. Kailey and Katie have a vision for Hampton that allows the big businesses to continue to thrive thereby keeping our taxes low, but still fostering a welcoming climate for locally owned businesses to find success once again and be rid of the empty storefronts in Hampton.


Grants are a great resource for helping to improve the community through infrastructure and community engagement without having to put the burden of the cost on taxpayers. We plan on being more aggressive in pursuing grants, where the current committee is lacking. We will do so as a municipality and by utilizing our state/national representatives that are offering to help us obtain this type of funding.


With the rising costs of living, people are buying houses and starting families later in life. Kailey and Katie plan to explore ways to bring affordable homes and lower taxes to encourage more people to begin building their futures in the Heartland of Sussex County. They have the vision to maintain Hampton as a rural community with all your needs within reach.


Community is the cornerstone of Hampton Township so it’s no surprise our township motto is “The Heartland of Sussex County”.  To Kailey and Katie “Bringing Heart to the Heartland” means being an engaged and accessible part of our community. They understand that connectivity is what makes our rural town flourish so they are dedicated to the future of Hampton and have a vision for bringing our town together through accessibility and being on the front lines of that work, not just legislating it. 


Technology can help streamline communication to make it more accessible for working families and used as an efficient information processing tool for the administration. Technology is an excellent supplement to existing systems: online forms can still be submitted as hardcopies, making it user-friendly so that each resident can use what means of communication suits their lifestyle and needs best. By utilizing online formats, residents will be able to access the municipal building's services during, before and after regular business hours.


Kailey and Katie know that politics are hard work, but getting to know what is happening in your township should not be difficult. They believe in creating openness and transparency in governing, and encouraging all citizens to take part and get engaged.  Whether that means open office hours, helping to summarize the Hampton Township Master Plan, or creating budget summaries, Kailey and Katie are interested in being easy to reach and used as a resource to the community.

Opioid abuse

Like Katie, whose lost peers from her graduating class to overdoses, many residents of Hampton have been affected by opioid abuse and addiction. This is a statewide issue, but our area is impacted more than most. Kailey and Katie will make this largely unaddressed issue one they focus on by employing strategies that have worked to save lives here in our hometown.

Lake Communities

Constituents residing in lake communities present different needs than those of other residents in Hampton Township. We want to improve communication between the lake associations/boards and the Township Committee by encouraging regular dialogue so there is clear communication. This can help address the unique issues of the lake communities.